Saturday, December 25, 2010

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I guess I won't be updating on the Putrajaya trip with the girls so soon. :(

Anyway, celebrated our class party last Thursday. It's kind of sad that my high school life is going to end anytime soon. No more wearing uniforms. No more assemblies. No more ridiculous rules. Well there's much more no more and you wouldn't want me to list all of it out. Unless I go for Form 6 which is so not gonna happen. That's a relief. 

Mel's nerve or whatever you call that thing broke again. The same thing happened when we were in Form 3 and wow did it scared me then. Apparently she rubbed too hard and the nerve broke and started bleeding. So lesson to learn: Don't rub your eyes. Okay like you don't know that.
To the food. A few of them contributed food and drinks for our class. Thank you very much to the sweet sweet classmates. We ordered like 20 boxes of Domino's pizza and a bucket of chickens from KFC. Finger lickin good! I sure was stuffed by all the food. Mmmm:)

We thought we could get drunk with some non-alcoholic drink.

I think it kinda worked?

SPM is near. so NERD MODE ON!

Hanna brought her bubbles. First people thought it was childish, later on one by one started asking for it.

Ridzuan on left and Yeou Yen on right. They're the ones that always plays the guitar in class.

Spousy NANA. It has been THREE years now sitting next to you in class. Next year, it won't be you anymore:D I mean :C Sure am gonna miss all your talking and stories while i just listen and not tell you any stories. Sorry lah girl I don't have much stories to share.

Hung out in Sc1 after food.

Meet Keeran, hmmm I don't know how to describe him. well, everyone in class loves bullying him. He gives those weird expressions that could make people chuckle.

And there, Joanne decided to give lala pose AGAIN. But this time, with phone instead of calculator. I'm gonna call her Joanne from now on, HAHH! I wonder if we'll still get the chance to take pictures together in the future. Cause I've got a BAD feeling you're ditch us for new friends! BOOO! No lah kidding. You also don't dare lah hor big butt.

Oh VeenZhen. Were you ... till bubble popped out from ... HAHHAHAHA!

Some of them were playing Taboo. I think Mel took it too seriously till she went like OMG frustrated expression when Megan couldn't get it right. My oh my, our very own drama queen.

Oh Megat, I'm going to miss your high pitch singing and your sexy dance.

Meet the BEST monitor, Gabriel Oh! What is our class going to do without you? I really don't know. He sure has done TONS for the class. Thank you very much Gay for all the planning, running, getting scolded because of us, WE LOVE YOU SISTER!

Derrick's tuition later that night. It was class photo day.

I'm gonna miss all the snacks that he gives during class. And all his funny jokes! Ahhha, if you guys wanna take Amaths, modern math or accounts, go to him! He's awesome like that.

Gonna miss this class!
Aiya, not lala enough!

Friday, went to Ti-Ratana to visit the orphanage and oldfolks. Was down with flu that morning. I wasn't in the mood to do anything. Plus, the orphanage there, is different from what I see in people's blog when they visit the orphanage. Normally people have fun playing with the kids but I don't know these bunch are kids ah I don't know how to explain. To conclude, I didn't play with any of them. 
 My shirt got wet from hmm, I don't know whether it's my saliva or the liquid from nose. HAHAH. Thanks to Nana that had to shout so loud till everyone had to look at it. I could see Tommy staring with the mouth open.

So patriotic! LOL.

 This kid is super demonic. He even pointed middle finger to Tommy. What do they teach kids nowadays man.
 Playing musical chair.
 Weng Jian showed some magic tricks that amazed them.
 Happy faces when they got their balloons. Do you call it balloon?
That's bout it.

Okay it's 4am already. Time to tuck in.
Till then,
nights people!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Uniqlo @ Fahrenheit 88

I was reading Kenny Sia's blog yesterday and he posted bout the UNIQLO @Fahrenheit 88 that is opening on the 4th November.
Still under construction. UNIQLO @ Fahrenheit 88.

He joined this contest thing and won himself RM20  UNIQLO store voucher. There's also RM50, RM100, exclusive invite to pre-opening party, and 1st prize would be  an-all-expense-paid trip to Tokyo, Japan as well as four nights hotel accomodation in Tokyo, Japan! So I was like it's Japan I so wanna goooo! Since it's like FREE you know! No harm trying it out. So then I went into UNIQLO's web and tried out the contest. And guess what?! I WON THE TRIP TO JAPAN!
Jeng Jeng Jeng
Hahaa, no lah. I'm not that lucky. On the bright side at least I've won 3 RM20 UNIQLO vouchers in a day. And YOU can try it out too. It's super easy!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Guess what?:D I PASSED Addmaths for the very first time. After all this while. Now I'm aiming for an A- for SPM. Don't laugh! Though I only manage to pass this time. Am gonna do lots of addmaths exercises with Derrick, hopefully. Now, there's exactly 29 more days before SPM. Is it just me or every single post of mine has something to do with SPM. I'm hating that 3 letters already-.-

Wednesday night, celebrated Lem's belated birthday in Boon Boon, or sort of like celebrating? Everyone is pretty much scattered into small groups chatting away so yeah.
Birthday boy, LEM, meehhhh meehhhh.
Group photo. Quite a number of them went home already.

So, i was studying some Bio and Sej yes-yesterday and it almost bore me to sleep. It's just so boring, and I've got problems remembering names and all. Well, the camera came to the rescue. I got so bored till I drew a heart on my face.
This is only like 1/6 of the pictures I took, or maybe more.

So yesterday, I took a bus from Pasar Seni home, and there was this dude that is psycho i think. He suddenly started yelling. Ah crap I actually typed what he said on my phone but I forgot to save it and now it's gone. I remember a little here and there tho and it goes like, why are you staring at me, I did not do anything, why are giving the stare, why are you blamming/accusing me? ahh forget it I don't remember. It got me entertained though.

Next up: A day out to Putrajaya with the girls.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

One more subject and I'm done with trials:DD It's so pointless having this trial's actually. If you get what's behind it.

Met up with my Aunt last Saturday before she heads back to Aussie. Went down to grandparents hometown in Kajang and so we had Kajang Sate. It was nice meeting her again after 1 or 2 years? A few of my cousins also went. Kajang Sate next to the stadium it was. I use to love their sate back then but now erw no. Their sauce were diluted, sate sizes were different, portion for their fried rice/mee were small. Okay I think I should stop complaining bout the food.

Last time Su May told me that her cousin's friend or something like that saw them cooking the sate sauce with pad. SANITARY PAD you know?! With the blood. Okay that is just so gross. So I asked my cousins was it true since they live in Kajang they should know. They say they too heard of it. Imagine the sauce you eat, ERW! But this was long time ago, hopefully none of the restaurants do it anymore. I googled bout it and someone actually witnessed it. It's the same restaurant I went to. Eek. But then again, never know who's words to believe.
Went over to grandparents house after dinner. At the same time, visited the oldies.

Ah my granny is so hip. :D My cousin taught her how to sing Baby by Justin Bieber. I laughed so hard I nearly peed on my pants. I think you'll hear my 'hahahhaha' louder than her singing. Okay I didn't know I laugh that way.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Study Date with Wen Wen

Had a study date with my Wen Wen yesterday. Both of us followed our mums out so that they could drop us off before heading to work. Which was 7 plus in the morning. I think I was half asleep then. Wanted to walk over to Pavilion from Wisma Genting but it was raining heavily so we settled down at Coffee Beans instead.
Started the day with Maths while she did Sejarah. Took me ages to solve few questions-.- How to get A like that. Sigh. Oh, I like looking at the ang moh's that comes into Coffee.B. HAHHHAA!

Went over to Pavilion once the rain stops. Spent bout like an hour talking bout the memories we had in Primary school. I miss those days. So as we were walking around Pavilion, this promoter from Adonis asked us fill in our name and we'll get a free Hair Wash from their Service Centre in Yayasan Building which was next to Sg. Wang. Free hair wash why not right :]

Her mum joined us for lunch @ Sushi Tei.
My sushi was about to drop off anything soon.
Look at the Ebiko! Favourite.

Walked over to the Yayasan Building after that. At first we were wondering will it be some spooky place that no one goes to or would it be a con but nah. It looks fine. But the hairdresser damn smart. Conned me to use the better shampoo then had to pay Rm3. But it was worth it I guess. It's now more than 24hours and I haven't wash my hair since then. HHAHAHHAH, Don't be disgusted. It still looks fine. Ah Wen decided not to wash her hair since the worker's service was so slow.
Back to Pavilion again to continue with our revision. This time it was Physics. Just so you know my brain only occupies 0.01% of Physic knowledge. She had to teach me from the first Chap of Form 5. =Z Spotted some of her friends.

Went back to her place after her mum finishes work. Then we started our studying healthily plan, which was to take pictures, exercise, surfing the net and study.
She loves Physics a lot and I don't!
This picture looks so sick!

If you're able to see the black thing on top are caterpillars, gross!
It was so slippery that I felt on my butt!
Damn cute this little girl.
That dog on the left is so like fat chubby-ish. It kinda has a bulldog face.
My tutor, JEOW XUE WEN! (hen you xue wen!)
Her primary school glasses, macam old granny's glasses, HAHHHHAAA!

Her mum sent me home later on at 11++. Had an awesome study date with her. Thanks for teaching me lady!